Roshini Kempadoo
 I was born in Kenya, and have lived here in Leices
 I now live in London with my cousin and moved here for the work. And originally to be with my husband. – She and I now share childcare arrangements.
 I mainly have the school pictures of the kids, but a special one in the bedroom of myself and my childhood friend Nabwye.
 Medium build but beginning to go a bit pear shaped (vowed to get some exercise this year), eyes brown and just had my hair cropped.
 I love to wear rich vibrant colours, and have a great collection of Indian suits. But for work (when I was working) I usually ended up wearing black skirts, or trousers. Probably because I wore a white lab coat all day and also to stop people making assum
 I think my eyes are my favourite – in comparison to some, they are huge and family have always commented on them – especially when I wear kohl.
 Mainly stress. I seem to have an endless amount of allergies, and one of my kids Mina, has always had asthma which takes us to hospitals regularly.
 I always remember going to the doctor for a pill prescription without my parents knowing when I was seeing my boyfriend at the time, and being given a long lecture on why I should be on the pill only when I was married. (Mind you this was from a woman doc
 Coming back into Heathrow after a one an only holiday with my family to Germany to visit a relative. Long queues, lots of questions and hours of will we won’t we be admitted into England. As if this country wasn’t where I live and work.
 I mainly carry around my driving licence, cheque and credit cards.