Definitely Hungary.
 Although we lived in Budapest before I left home, I always remember my mother giving us a drink of tea rum, sour cherries, eggs and milk (check with Andrea) on particular special occasions. That always stays with me.
 I have been living with my partner since we have been together here in New York,Brooklyn for the last three years, before that I was living over in New Jersey with my Uncle and his family while I got settled.
 I have an beautifully framed black and white photograph of my parents from the late 40s taken in a studio in Budapest which hangs in the hallway. They have such a dignified almost stately look about them. Although they have both passed away now, it remind
 Going grey and thinning on the top, and developing a bit of a paunch.
 These days Ted and I dress casually, and almost present the retired fifty something
 look. It works well for the customers at the workshop.
 My hands which are small but strong, and they become symbolic of my career.
 Teds health more like and what happens if he falls ill since he has no insurance.
 Not so much the hospitals, although it is quite noticeable